A Fist Full of Fives (2016) 

for orchestra

War Horse - The Story in Concert (2016)   

for orchestra, SATB choir, baritone soloist, narrators

War Horse Suite (2010)

for orchestra

Some See Us (2014) 

for orchestra and cambiata boys' chorus

The Griffin and the Grail (2014) 

for orchestra, narrator, children's chorus, men's chorus

Sinfonietta (2013) 

for orchestra


Aerobatics Over Lake Wanaka (1998)

for 6 pianos

Arpeggiare Variations (2015) 

for solo violin

Spring Masque (2011) 

for violin/viola duo

Summer Galliard (2018) 

for string trio

Montana Peaks (2018) 

nonet for flute, clarinet, bassoon horn and strings

Bicycle Dance in Lanes of Leaves and Light (1998) 

for 2 pianos

Old Man Explains a Lifelong Dilemma (1998) 

for 2 pianos



Coram Boy (2005)

National Theatre

War Horse (2007)

National Theatre

The Revenger's Tragedy (2008)

National Theatre

Nation (2009)

National Theatre

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time (2011)

National Theatre

Rules for Living (2015)

National Theatre

Husbands and Sons (2015)

National Theatre

Angels in America (2017)

National Theatre