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This is a macOS app I developed in MaxMSP (with a cheap Novation Launchpad S controller alongside) for composers and producers who need to control articulation switching of large sample libraries/virtual instruments in a consistent manner.


You can download it from the link below.

What's it for?

Virtual instruments all use switching in different ways; some with keyswitches, some with controller messages etc.. and it can be frustrating (and distracting) trying to remember which library uses which combination of methods.. or indeed trying to remember what articulations are available anyway for a given instrument.

Much better to program it once, and never have to think about it again!

PadArtics gives a clear visual indication of what articulations are available, and selecting one with a single button press will send the required MIDI commands to your record-armed DAW track.

Some DAWs offer integrated articulation switching (Cubase, with its Expression Maps) and Logic Pro X with its articulation sets (see my other utility CSV To Logic Artics for helping with this).  PadArtics can still be useful for those users however, especially as it can send multiple MIDI message types with one button press.

Easy to program

The pad layouts and their labels, colours, picture file and MIDI data are customised with easily-readable/editable plain text files, one line per pad. This makes it a cinch to create reusable layouts for your libraries. And, in fact, to pass them on to others using the same library.

You can keep 8 layouts together in a 'preset' (each instrument of the wind section, say) and select rapidly among them using the Launchpad's round buttons on the right.

It's early days yet for complete sets of layout files, but the best thing is to get stuck in with your favourite text editor, create some and share them around. I'm a working composer, so I'll update the software as and when time allows.


Download and unzip PadArtics from the link on the right >>.

You can run PadArtics anywhere on your system, but it does require the 'pics' folder to be in the same directory as the app. The 'layouts' and 'presets' folders can be anywhere you like.

In the ZIP file there's a guide PDF detailing how to set up and program everything.