A Fist Full of Fives is a 10-min orchestral piece using the same line-up as Beethoven's 5th Symphony. Everything in the piece derives from the number 5 in some way!

Performed originally by the Corinthian Orchestra, it was subsequently performed by the BBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Michael Seal on BBC Radio 3, from which this extract is taken.

Spring Masque is a violin/viola duo. Performed by Adrian himself here, multitracking both violin and viola parts.

Aerobatics Over Lake Wanaka is a piece for 6 pianos, performed regularly by the ensemble Piano Circus. "Many years ago while driving in New Zealand on the shores of Lake Wanaka, I saw a sign advertising aerobatics trips. I didn't have time to stop, but this piece was my musical imagining of what such a trip above the lake would be like..  simultaneously scarily exciting and stunningly beautiful."