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I absolutely love speaking. And after years of working in different aspects of the music business.. film, TV, radio, concert, chamber and of course theatre, I've gathered a body of experience that I'm always just itching to share with others.. especially young composers and theatre practioners.

In the past few years, I've run workshop sessions for young emerging composers (Curious Incident, Melbourne) and young theatre makers (Frantic Assembly MA course). Most recently I visited the City of London school and spent a morning talking to four different classes of lads about the process of music composition.

Many years of working in rehearsal rooms at the National Theatre and beyond have shown me some the most effective ways of navigating the creative process.. and I'm always keen to share what I've learnt, and learn new ways too.

If you'd like to discuss having me along to chat to your group, send me a message and let's fix a date!